Scatter Tubes

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Scattering tubes are designed and engineered to simplify the scattering of cremated remains.  The simplicity, affordability and functionality of the scattering tubes make them a dignified alternative for families wishing to scatter.

Our scattering tubes contain no metal or plastic components and can be
recycled after use or will biodegrade naturally when buried in the earth.


This product can be engraved on the side and a picture added to the top of the tube. Purchase Here

Available Sizes:

Extra Large 14.5" * 5.1"  (240 cu. in.)
Adult 12.6" * 5.1"  (200 cu. in.)
Medium 10.1" * 4"  (100 cu. in.)
Small 8.9" * 2.95"  (40 cu. in.)
Mini 5.25" * 2.95"  (20 cu. in.)

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