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Engraved Brass Plates

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Please select one of three size options below, then select plate and font color which include brass plate/brass lettering, brass plate/black lettering and black plate/brass lettering.

Plate size 1x3 can have up to 3 lines of lettering with up to 20-25 characters 

Plate size 2x4 can have up to 4 lines of lettering with up to 25-30 characters 

Plate size 2.5x5.25 can have up to 5 lines of lettering with up to 30-35 characters

Keep in mind the more characters, the smaller the font.

Secures to urn with double-sided 3m strength adhesive tape.

To order engraved brass plate - enter in your brass plate color, text color, and font style in the notes section. Please also add instructions on where you would like the brass plate placed, if you have a preference.

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