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Frequently Asked Questions

Caskets and Coffins

Can I ship a casket or coffin directly to a mortuary?
We can absolutely ship directly to any mortuary of your choice and there are no specific federal or state laws prohibiting you to do so. They must accept the product even without your presence upon your destination arrival.

What benefit is there to buy a casket or coffin online?
You typically save about $1,000 or even more buying a casket or coffin online.  Our caskets and coffins are the same quality and make of caskets you would buy at a mortuary.

What is the difference between 18 gauge and 20 gauge caskets? 20 gauge is lighter and more affordably priced.

Can you store a casket in a garage?
Yes, we ship them crated in plywood. Stand them up vertically to maximize space in any area. The dimensions are 24"h * 32"w * 87"l.  The caskets are designed to withhold no air conditioning environments.


What size urn needed?
Urns are sized according to cubic inch.  The ratio is 1 cubic inch per pound of the individual prior to cremation.
For example, an individual weighing 180 pounds prior to cremation would need an urn size 180 cubic inches or greater.

What are miniature urns and keepsake jewelry ash holders used for?
These small containers are used for holding a small portion of the cremation ashes near to you or in a sacred place.  They are perfect as well when sharing ashes among family and friends.

What are biodegradable urns?
These are urns 100% biodegradable and ideal for water or land burials.

How far from shore can you place a submersible floating urn at sea?
Local regulations must be followed when placing an urn at sea (no closer than three nautical miles from shore).

Can you mail cremated ashes?
Yes, they must be sent Priority Mail Express only, using LABEL 139 which can be obtained at USPS.COM or at your local post office.  Place cremated ashes in a zip lock bag airtight and place bag in another zip lock bag airtight for good measure.


What is a green burial? Green burials have the following characteristics.

  • direct burial, foregoing the use of embalming fluid
  • do away with vaults
  • use biodegradable caskets and urns
  • no use of herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers
  • sustainable management and no use of powered equipment
  • graves are hand dug
  • GPS Unit to mark grave.

Do you have a question we didn't talk about? Please let us know and contact us.

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