Gourd Urn

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Each gourd is completely natural and unique. These works of art include a 25g cast bronze memorial pendant that hangs from the ornamental drift-wood on top of each urn by a simple leather cord. Grown and crafted in the desert-southwest of the United States, each is handmade by local artists. The bronze memorial pendant features the “Tree of Life” symbol and can be engraved on the back. Loads from the top and securely closes with a 3″ diameter cork.

Additional matching “Tree of Life” memorial medallions are available and sold separately. Medallions will oxidize naturally and change color over time.

Adult  9.5” Dia. x 6.25” H  (220 cu. in.)
Mini  5.75” Dia. x 4” H  (40 cu. in.)
Medallion 2" Dia.


To learn more about engraving options, click here.
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