Teak Cremation Casket

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Our teak cremation caskets can be buried or cremated with the deceased, with the availability to have a viewing, mass, or life celebration prior.

They're handmade of teak wood veneer polished to a matte finish and come with plush ivory velvet interior and matching pillow. 

At checkout indicate the name of the deceased, the delivery or mortuary address, and the day you want the casket delivered. 

Casket Specifications:
Interior: 78.7" L * 23.5" W * 13.8" H
Exterior: 83" L * 28.5" W * 23.25" H
Weight: 210 lbs.

Shipping and Returns
Funeral homes must accept our caskets under the FTC Funeral Rule, and do not have to be present at the mortuary at the time of delivery.
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