Urn Vs. Casket

If the deceased didn’t express their wish for final disposition, guess what next kin, the decision is yours to make either burial or cremation plans. Then it comes down to either an urn or a casket to select.

What drives decisions most often are cost, convenience, and last testament or will.

How much are the funeral costs?

Burial and casket cost are higher than cremation and urn cost. The average cost in 2017 for a burial was $7,500 and for a cremation $2,500.

Most Sold Casket

The Lincoln Solid Wood Casket, Price delivered nationwide, $1,495.

Solid Wooden Casket

Casket prices start at $895 and go much higher. The average casket price at any funeral home in America is approximately $2,200; our average casket cost is $1,100 for the same style.

Urn cost is much lower. You can get a nice urn for less than $100; from us as low as $60 for a popular rosewood urn.

Arriving Fall 2018. 

Cremation starts getting expensive when or if you add a columbarium niche for permanent placement at a mausoleum, cemetery or in another perpetual care burial garden or institution.

What do you mean convenient?

Convenience is really important when planning a funeral. What happens when family members, the deceased or next of kin are scattered across the globe and need more time to coordinate?

Cremation makes it easy to postpone any funeral event or ceremony to a better time when everyone can be present and more time to process grief prior to the event. As well, it can take up to 6 weeks before you pick up the cremated remains from the crematory. I saw this first hand, read more.

For filling your urn with the cremated ashes, we recommend shipping the urn directly to the crematory provider and they can fill the urn for you.

How important is a will?

It’s important.

With a will, the funeral is usually paid by the estate and the decision to use a casket or urn would have been decided. It also prevents any disagreement among family members and the funeral planner or next of kin.

Hopefully the deceased bought a pre-paid burial or cremation plan. Funeral cost historically has doubled every 10 years. In 50 years, cremation will cost about $50,000 and a burial $120,000. Not unless you pay 2017 funeral prices with a pre-paid plan.

These plans have their own risk. Any plan you choose should probably be read by an attorney and researched carefully.

Without a will or a pre-paid funeral plan, next of kin, your choices include either a burial or cremation and a casket or urn.

Our funeral planner can help guide you through your decision process or contact us directly when the time comes. We are happy to assist.

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