Photo Contest. Win a Pendant!

Please send us your best picture or tagged photo on your social network. Videos count as well. Every month we will be picking a winner for Best Picture. 

You can tag us in your posts or use the hashtag #AllThingsFuneral to enter! 

The following attributes for Best Picture will include:

· A pictures of one of our caskets, urns, or memorial jewelry.

· Overall composition

· Social media presence

Contestant winners will receive a cremation ash pendant of their choice from our Fine Metal Pendants department.

Cremation ash pendants hold a small portion of a loved one’s cremated ashes as well as other treasured mementos such as a pinch of tobacco, a signature, or even a locket of hair.

We talk to you all the time about the value of our product. It’s so much better, however, when we get to hear it from you.

Your picture and post, we hope, will help others visiting our site. And that’s what ultimately defines the spirit of Best Picture.

Send your picture or video to jcarmack@allthingsfuneral.net or tag picture in your social networks.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Pinterest!
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