Greener Funerals

Greener funerals use a casket or coffin made of renewable materials. Typically, it does not include embalming to preserve the body after death nor use concrete, metal or plastic in burial.  Greener funerals are an alternative for those that want to leave a lighter footprint in disposition.

The shades of green from light to dark vary depending on the funeral service.  The greenest option would be to be buried in a green cemetery where no cars are allowed, the grave is dug by hand, no embalming fluids, grave markers, weed eaters or electric mowers are used, the landscape is left to reclaim itself naturally. Green cemeteries have shown to be beneficial in preserving eco-systems and natural environments, and an asset to surrounding communities.

Responding to those that are leading greener lifestyles, we built a new department called Renewable Caskets.  These 100% biodegradable caskets certified Fair-Trade are made of either fast-growing willow, seagrass or bamboo and are durable, weight-tested up to 350 lbs.  (For renewable and biodegradable urns, please visit our collection here.)

Renewable caskets are simpler in design and have the advantage to be used in both a traditional viewing service and later cremated with the remains. Traditional wood and metal caskets cannot be cremated.

Our elegant Six Point Willow Coffin embraces the simplicity of the original coffin shape and is quite affordable as well.  Compared to the average cost of a traditional casket, our renewable caskets and coffins are no more than $1,200 and include free shipping.

All our renewable caskets come with a Memorial Tree Program certificate which can be redeemed for a free starter evergreen tree guaranteed to grow in your area.  All the trees are sent in a 14” recyclable plastic tube with detailed planting instruction and will grow large over time.  This program is available within the continental United States and to Alaska.

Renewable caskets ship in 3-5 business days and can come with an engravable plaque. Please contact us directly for overnight delivery.

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  • My Mom recently passed away unexpected – perhaps better to say, there was no indications leading up it would happen so soon, even taking Her age into mind (She was 88). As Her son and also caregiver for over the past 20 years, it was my wish and desire to make Her desires in both burial location and type of burial fulfilled. Mom wanted a ‘natural burial’. With this in mind, I was looking for a dignified and respectful bio-degradable casket. I found AllThingsFuneral and their line of bio-degradable caskets. Because of the time frame I order the Quick Shop Six Point Willow Coffin. I was concerned at first because I have not had any experience with this type of construction or with AllThingsFuneral in the past and did not want it looking like I went to my local sell-everything-discount-store and found it in the furniture or outdoor section -lol :). Joe, the person I was in contact with at AllThingsFuneral was very helpful and understanding and assured me it was lovely and would indeed be as I was looking for. As one might expect, I took this with a little grain of salt so to speak as I am sure no sales-person would not suggest one of their items -lol. When I got to the funeral service, out of state – that was the first time I saw the casket in person. It looked lovely and was very beautiful. The construction was very good quality, it did not look ‘cheap’ or anything as such. The quality was very very good, the woven design was great, the colors were perfect. Simply put – it was exactly perfect and really looks excellent. One of the things that Mom held close in Her heart was nature. This casket is about as natural as one can get and again – very dignified and respectful looking. The location for Her burial was at a Family cemetery located on the outskirts of a little town. It has many very very very large old old oak trees over-shadowing with Moss hanging from the limbs. The grounds are covered in grass and leaves and some sand and such, located next to a very large lake – one can her different peaceful animal sounds as well as see thousands and thousands of stars at night. This casket fits perfect with this area and well – I am very happy, pleased and content.

  • I am now interested in cremation.
    Thank you for enlightening me.
    Will contact you later.

    Betty Dobbins

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