Gourd Cremation Urn with Medallion

Funeral home products have come a long way since the 80’s when I worked at my grandparent's mortuary and cemetery.  Back then you got a casket or coffin and granite memorial headstone and that’s it.  Later my grandfather bought a crematory to keep up with the changing times in the industry.

I’m not sure my grandfather would approve of the gourd cremation urn with medallion, but my grandmother would.  She surrounded herself with beautiful, interesting and hard to come by things. 

If you, or a departed loved one, loves fall like I do the gourd cremation urn with bronze medallion rejoices the season.  Each gourd is completely natural and unique, harvested and crafted in the desert-southwest of the United States and made by local artist. The bronze memorial pendant features the Tree of Life symbol and can be engraved on the back.

You can tell who’s a “Fall” person. They make yearly trips to see the change in leaf color.  The colors they favor are harvest yellow and earthy orange and red tones. They ponder with others which season is better spring or fall.  I used to when I lived on the East Coast.  I’m definitely a Fall.  

Whether you’re a Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer our gourd cremation urn is lovely and will display beautifully in any home.

Thank you for shopping at All Things Funeral.

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