Funeral and Caregiver Gift Bags and Baskets

This holiday season as well as for any ceremonial event memorial services included, food items of any kind or stocking stuffer gifts with a clever theme are always appreciated. Basically, if it’s an item you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself, it can go in a gift bag or basket.

Please note this is a gift you take to one’s home or in person not to an actual memorial service in which flowers or gifts in kind are appropriate to send.

It is a great gift for somebody that has just suffered a loss because many times remembering to nourish and take care of yourself can be out of one’s mind. They’re great gifts for the caregiver too. There are a lot of people that take care of others and don’t get paid for doing it.  They need to be remembered too this holiday season.

This year I found everything I needed to make gift bags at Marshalls.  TJ Max and Ross are great sources as well to find all sorts of gourmet items with prices that won’t take you under.  My first gifts were for my mom and sister both caregivers.  Each got a festive holiday candle $5.99, gift bag $1.99 and tissue paper .99 cents. 

For the more industrious, craft masters you know who you are, gift baskets are great too.  If you’re lucky there’s a Michaels for the gift basket, wrap and ribbon and a department store all in the same shopping plaza.  There are plenty of how to assemble a gift basket videos on YouTube.  I found this one to be particularly helpful.

It is a challenging task to prepare a funeral service and be a caregiver as well. A gift bag or basket from the heart goes a long way.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday.

Thank you from all of us at All Things Funeral.

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  • Shop Local
    I would be remiss to not include our local stores for gift bag and basket items as well. You are sure to find interesting items locally. I found the link below in our local Phoenix newspaper. I would imagine most online newspapers around the country print a similar version of it in their event or things to do section. My next gift bag and basket items will come from them!



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