From Importer to US Casket Manufacturer

Our post-COVID-19 game is on. We're no longer importing products from Asia. It turns out we can make solid, quality caskets here in our Arizona facility with no problem. Our Pine Box Caskets are on sale now.

Importing from Asia, for us, became harder starting with international trade disputes and higher tariffs. The coronavirus pandemic was the final nail in the coffin. We lost our supply chain and customers wanted an all American product.

For us, it was about wanting to build here and hire locally, and most importantly stop our carbon footprint left from overseas shipping.

I’m thrilled we added new jobs this summer.  We hired a machinist and casket assembler, a salesperson, a lunch maker, and a photographer. It’s a dream team come true.

 We listened to you regarding the origins of our caskets too. We know how important a final request is to have a casket made in the USA. It's a place to show the values we believed in and that being simple, natural as possible, and sourced locally.

We got smart, our inventory is all digital and not sitting in a warehouse. Using 3-D printing technology we can alter any of our designs, the size, and wood type. Our wood options include birch, cherry, mahogany, maple, and pine.

If you want a purple casket, not a problem. Our goal is to create an instant, on-demand custom product, and ship next-day service. Furthermore, all funeral homes in the US per FTC Funeral Rule must accept your casket order.

We're setting an industry first engraving directly onto the casket. The sky is the limit what we can include. To date, we're including name, date of birth and death, and art file you select.

Coming in a few weeks, we’re introducing laser engraving. We can’t wait to see your creations.

Please share our story. Thank you.

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