Cremation Urns With Fall Sizzle

Our custom-made cremation urns will be arriving in time for fall and will be ready to ship out September nationwide.

I hope they work brilliantly for you.  They can be placed in the most prominent areas of your home or mausoleum niche.

Mine is. Always changing color and mood by the incredible sky hues and shadows in our desert home.

In the product release video below we explore the latest trending Pantone fall colors found in our cremation urns arriving in fall. And we have a lot of the top trending colors.  

See new colors like Quetzal Green and Meerkat in this collection.  What are quetzals and meerkats anyway and how did they become colors? 

Bright Fuchsia made it to the number four spot. The number one Pantone fall color is more sedate and fun at the same time.  See it here.

In our arriving fall collection, you can choose between brass or aluminum cremation urns.  

You’re going to see interesting patterns and more daring colors in the aluminum urns in two-tones and solids. Moving to the brass urns, you’ll find more exquisite colors in black, silver, pewter and gold with shimmering textures.

Both will be priced under $100. It's great to say we are able to make our prices as competitive as the big online retailers and still deliver dignified, interesting, high quality products and service.  

This really defines our mission to bring our customers high-quality, unique funeral products at an affordable price.

Order today.  This is a special memorial cremation urn collection arriving for fall which is sure to be different in spring.  

Thank you for watching our new product release video.  Please share it on your social sites and/or leave a comment below.


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