Ash Pendants for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again when family and friends gather for the holidays.  And for some of us, these traditions may be a new experience if a loved one isn’t present for the first time. 

When I started All Things Funeral, I wanted to focus on the living to help celebrate the lives of those that have passed into the afterlife. Wearing an ash pendant is one way to cherish those we celebrate in the present moving forward. 

Ash pendants also known as keepsake jewelry have a long history gaining popularity during the Victorian era and now appear to be making a comeback as more and more families decide on cremation services.  Each pendant can carry a small portion of a loved one’s cremated ashes in a small decorative vessel worn as a necklace.   

We have a wide selection of many shapes and styles in our collection to choose. Please note the delivery times listed in the description of each piece may vary.  The first six pendants displayed in the collection (at the date of posting through the holidays 2017) will arrive to you in approximately 3 business days. Please message me if you need faster delivery. 

Have a safe and wonderful holiday. 

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