Cremation Urns With Fall Sizzle. Huh?

See the latest trending Pantone fall colors in our cremation urns arriving in fall. Find out what color made it to th...

Urn Verses Casket

If the deceased didn’t express their wish for final disposition, guess what next kin, the decision is yours to make e...

Photo Contest. Win a Pendant!

Please send us your best picture or tagged photo on your social network. Videos count as well. Every month we will be...

Arizona's Place for Affordable Caskets in a Day

All Things Funeral is an Arizona company with national distribution sites, and now we are proud to say we have a dedi...

What's New In Caskets

We added more caskets, new models, and new sub-categories so you can better identify casket types. The sub-categories...

Funeral Planner

We’re pleased to release our new free Funeral Planner designed to provide substantial savings for online shoppers.

Greener Funerals

Greener funerals use a casket or coffin made of renewable materials. Typically, it does not include embalming to pres...

Gourd Cremation Urn with Medallion

The gourd cremation urn with medallion is perfect for holding ashes in urns and for those that love fall.  Each urn i...

Funeral and Caregiver Gift Bags and Baskets

Gift bags and baskets for those preparing a memorial service and gifts for the caregiver this holiday season.

How to Prepare for a Cremation Service

The steps taken to prepare for a cremation service or ceremony. Featuring our keepsake memorial jewelry pendant using...

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.  Giving thanks and serving those that served our country. In honor to service members, we added t...

Ash Pendants for the Holidays

Remembering and cherishing those that have past, and beginning a new tradition, wearing an ash pendant also know as k...
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