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Teak wood veneer casket. 5-Star Reviewd.

Great Product. Excellent Service!

Teak Wooden Casket

"We are very please with this product. Price is great. This allows us to not be taking advantage of during difficult time by funeral home. The only complaint is that the shipping update is not fast enough. We have to ask for updates although we should have been updated by text and email. Overall experience was great!"
November 2, 2019


Gold Trim Elm Casket

"Thank you for your excellent customer service during this trying time for my family. The casket was beautiful and arrived in a timely fashion without service or quality issues." 
June 21, 2018

Cherry wood veneer casket. 5-Star Reviewed.


Cherry Wood Casket

"We were very pleased with this casket and with the delivery time.I would use them again without hesitation."
June 5, 2019

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